Infrastructure Needs Survey
In anticipation of potential legislation regarding President Trump's infrastructure outline, Buckeye Hills is seeking information on specific projects that may be candidates for potential programming. This effort is focused on gathering information to build a regional case for investment; completing this form does not constitute an application for funding.

For further information or questions about this effort, please contact Development Director Bret Allphin at

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City or Village where the project is located, if outside a municipality record as 'unincorporated.'
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Indicate whether multiple counties or communities will benefit from this project.
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Which entity will be the potential funding applicant and responsible for the successful implementation of this project?
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Indicate which general category most closely represents your project activity.
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Describe the motivation for the completion of the proposed project.
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If funds were available, when would the project need to commence to meet the identified need?
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Most grants require an investment of matching funds that will secure the requested funding. Are matching funds available for the proposed activity?
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If you indicated that matching funds are available for your proposed activity, indicate their status below.
Matching Funds Status - If NO
If you indicated that matching funds are not available for your proposed activity, indicate any potential sources you are aware of or are considering.
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Describe the current activity level of the proposed project.
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