Integrated Skills Program 2
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L1T1B - Better reading
In this lesson, you're going to practise reading signs and notices in English.
Task One: Watch the video and play the game. Practise saying the words.
Task Two: Choose the right word to complete each sentence.
1. There’s a ________ on the wall that says “Please speak English”.
2. There is only one ________ at the Plaza Hotel. All the other rooms are full.
3. You can buy phone credit from the ________ in the minimart.
4. Stand up straight! Don’t ________ against the wall.
5. There’s a long ________ in the canteen. Let’s wait before going in.
6. You should always wear a ________ when you ride on a motorbike.
7. ________ this plate. It’s very hot.
8. This glass is very ________. Don’t drop it on the floor.
Task Three: Signs A-C all give information. Read the signs.
Task Four: Choose the right sign (A-C) for each meaning below.
Sign A
Sign B
Sign C
The hotel is full with no rooms available.
There are no tickets left. They have all been sold.
This machine is broken.
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Task Five: Signs D-G all tell people to do something. Read the signs.
Task Six: Choose the right sign (D-G) for each meaning below.
Sign D
Sign E
Sign F
Sign G
You cannot come in with a helmet on.
Stand and wait in a line here.
You should only speak English in here.
Come here if you want to buy something.
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Task Seven: Signs H-K all tell people not to do something. Read the signs.
Task Eight: Choose the right sign (H-K) for each meaning below.
Sign H
Sign I
Sign J
Sign K
You cannot give food to the animals.
You cannot walk on the grass.
You cannot go out here.
You cannot rest your body against the door.
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Task Nine: Signs L-O all warn people about danger. Read the signs.
Task Ten: Choose the right sign (L-O) for each meaning below.
Sign L
Sign M
Sign N
Sign O
Be careful of the danger above you.
Be gentle with this.
There is a dangerous animal here.
Watch where you are walking carefully.
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Task Eleven: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own ideas.
Task Twelve: Sam and Jennifer are friends. They are talking. Choose the best answers for Jennifer.
Sam: How many languages can you read?
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Sam: What do you read for fun?
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Sam: Where do you like reading?
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Sam: Do you have any notices in your house?
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Sam: What does it say?
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