Sample Knitter Survey
Thank you for your interest in eventually becoming a sample knitter for me!

To find out what YOU consider to be a fair deal when it comes to sample knitting, I'd love to hear your feedback. Before we start I'd like to explain what we are talking about precisely.

Sample knitting means that you:

- receive a pattern not previously existing in PDF form
- receive the yarn this pattern calls for via post
- agree to knit a sample using the yarn and pattern provided
- provide feedback about the pattern
- send the finished item via post back to me

Providing feedback about the pattern means that you actually are the first tester of a brand new, unpublished, yet untested (!) pattern. If the pattern has major issues, you need to report them - so I can fix them.

We can agree on not sending yarn but you purchasing the yarn locally if you want. In this case I need a receipt for refunding.

The finished item can either stay with me or you can get it back, as you please. If you decide you want the finished item back I'll send it back to you after the pattern has been published.

Postage will be refunded (receipt needed).

At the moment, I'm only talking about shawl sample knitting but this might change in the future.

This survey has two sections: general questions, and specific questions about your experience. If you would like to be considered as sample knitter please fill out all fields (for example, I'll need your email address only if you want me to contact you about sample knitting openings). If not, you don't need to provide any of the optional form fields.

I'm looking for people to work with long-term ideally.

Thank yo very much for your time!
Julia <3

The picture shows my Steel Teal shawl pattern. Imagine you had knitted this sample, using both yarn and pattern provided by me (delivered to you). You don't want to keep the finished item. How much compensation would you consider to be fair and acceptable?
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Would you agree to get the finished item back after publication (all postage paid) instead of monetary compensation?
Why would you like to become a sample knitter for me?
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What is your level of proficiency in shawl knitting?
Do you have experience in lace knitting?
Do you have experience in sample and test knitting?
Which country do you live in?
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If you want to be considered as sample knitter please enter your email address here.
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