Supporters' Survey
In your view should the government increase funding for the NHS even if it means raising taxes?
The government have asked for £22 billion of savings from the NHS over the next five years, but there is widespread doubt that this is achievable. Therefore which these approaches would you support?
Don't know
Remove these demands for savings altogether
Reduce the savings targets to a lower level e.g. £5-£10 billion
Reduce costs in other ways e.g. reduce tendering and PFI
Which of these facts about NHS funding were you already aware of?
Rises in NHS spending between 2010–15 were the lowest since the 1950s (as a % of GDP)
The government plans to spend a smaller percentage of GDP over the next five years
UK spends less than the average in the EU and OECD on health
The NHS Support Federation has identified some ways that it can be effective in campaigning for more NHS funding. Do you agree with these priorities?
No view
Find evidence about the impact of underfunding and publicise it
Campaign with other national bodies for rice and funding
Communicate to the concerns and experiences of NHS staff
Lobby all the main political parties about underfunded
What other work on underfunding would you support?
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