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Title: Assistant Project Manager

Job description:
Manage the administrative tasks on the production schedule, which includes the following, but not limited to:
* Data entry for ISBN registration and Library of Congress numbers for new books
* Upload files to printer/distribution, input and manage metadata for new books
* Oversee eBook file conversions and upload to Amazon for distribution
* Compile monthly royalty reports from vendors, prepare and send reports to each author, prepare quarterly statements for distribution
* Review production status for each book weekly and provide updates to team and authors as necessary
* Provide for aftermarket needs such as print book orders and marketing materials (as author liaison)
* Upload completed new books to the company website and Facebook shop
* Input any last-minute author and/or editor changes in completed files
* Review digital book files for pre-production, request necessary changes from designers, make necessary edits
* Proof files for ISBN, LIC number, pagination and table of contents, header/footer, etc.
* Liaison with authors as needed via phone or email

• Meet weekly via Zoom for a status meeting with Publisher and/or team
• Manage/track time through designated tracking software
• Always communicate with authors, clients, and team with professionalism and patience
• Use project management software (Asana) to provide status reports, requests, and all other communication with team

Experience and skill requirements:
• 2+ years of experience in the publishing field for projects of your own or for client projects
• Proficient with InDesign, Word, and self-publishing platforms such as KDP
• Well organized, communicates effectively through written and verbal communication
• Ability to manage a plethora of small details proficiently
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