UTDesign Makerspace - Committee Application
Members are required to fill out this form to apply for a committee or officer position.
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Thank you for applying!
We're very excited to hear that you want to apply for a committee or officer position. Please note that committees can have as many members as needed, so we really appreciate any applicants. Officer positions are limited and you can check availability using the links below.

Committee members currently get these benefits…
  • Letters of recommendation from officers (as requested)
  • Experience for a résumé
  • Unique roles on our Discord server
Officers currently get these benefits...
  • A free UTDesign Makerspace polo shirt
  • 24/7 access to the Makerspace (as needed)
Full Name *
Please list your full name. If you are applying for an officer position, please use the name listed on your Comet Card as it is necessary for documentation purposes. You can list a preferred name in parentheses if needed.
Committee *
What committee(s) are you applying for? Please keep in mind the executive committee only has the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary as members.

Officer Interest
If you are interested in specific officer position(s), please list them here.

Check if the incumbent is retiring next semester. https://wiki.utd.ms/en/team
(Optional) Check if openings were announced recently. https://utd.ms/blog
Discord Username
If you have a Discord account, please add your username here. You will be required to create a Discord account if you join a committee, so you may want to do this now.
NetID *
Please make sure your NetID follows the ABC123456 pattern. Members who are not current students of The University of Texas at Dallas are generally not allowed to join committees, but you can ask an officer for an exception. Officers must be UT Dallas students.
UT Dallas Email *
Please enter your UT Dallas email address. Any personal email addresses will be denied unless you are not a UT Dallas student and have been granted an exception from an officer.
About You *
Tell us about yourself! This can be anything from your major, class, favorite project, things you've done in the makerspace, and more. We aren't super strict, so don't feel like you have to write more than a couple sentences if you don't want to.

If you are applying for an officer position, we highly recommend listing any previous experience or how you will be able to accomplish the specific requirements listed on our wiki. https://wiki.utd.ms/en/team
Goals *
What do you hope to gain from joining a committee? This could be experience to list on a résumé, a way for you to get a letter of recommendation, a pathway to learning new skills, a way for you to help your community, or more. Feel free to really dive into why this position would matter to you, but only a couple sentences are needed.
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