NYADI Graduating Student Survey
New York ADI and it's staff members value your opinion greatly.

In our effort of continuous improvement, this survey is being conducted by New York ADI with assistance from the graduating students. The results will be used to help plan future policies and improvements to student services. Similar surveys were conducted with recent graduating  class. We wish to assess whether the changes implemented as a result of that survey have been successful. All graduating students are being asked to complete this questionnaire. Be assured that your participation will contribute to improving the overall quality of education at NYADI The College of Transportation Technology.

Your response will be treated with complete confidentiality. The results will not be published below instructors level. If any question is too difficult to answer or if there is any question you do not wish to answer, you may pass on to the next question.

The survey should only take approximately 10 minutes to complete (longer if you write comments).  

Thank you for taking some time to help us improve New York ADI.

Patrick Hart,
College President
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What was your overall impression of NYADI The College of Transportation Technology? *
Would you recommend NYADI?
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Where is your degree leading you?
What are your plans after graduation?
If you are working? Where are you working?
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I felt that New York ADI met my learning expectations.
My Instructors used relevant course materials (textbooks, handouts, videos, etc.)
My instructors' grading policies were clear to me.
My instructors were prepared for the lecture.
I was satisfied that my instructors had sufficient background knowledge for their assigned classes.
In general, I felt that attending classes is an important contribution to my learning experience.
My classes were free from disruptive students.
I was satisfied with the courses offered in my program.
In general, the school provided and made accessible adequate tutoring and extra help for all students.
My education at NYADI was right on target toward my field of study?
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How would you rate the hands on Labs?
How would you rate the equipment and skills trainer at NYADI?
How would rate the Electrical Lab?
How would you rate the availability of current magazine and reference material in the school’s Library?
How would you rate the Career Placement Office in your preparation for future Employment, Resume and Cover letter?
How would you rate the information and material recieved about financing your education?
How would you rate resources and supplies obtained from the Business Office?
How would you rate the technology at NYADI?
How would you rate the Student Lounge?
I am satisfied with the amount of publicity that accompanies campus events.
I was satisfied that I had an adequate forum at New York ADI to express my concerns.
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Very Satisfied
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Academic Assessment
Admission Department
Bursar's (Business) Office
Career Services
Dean of Academic Affairs Office
Financial Aid Office
Library Services
Registrar's Office
Student Activites
Student Services
Updated Technology
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Do you have Recommendations for Improvement if not mentioned already?
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