It's a Chocolate Affair Cupcake War Entry Form
In 2019 Chocolate Cake lovers voted that Stephanie Bailey had the Best Chocolate Cake in the County! She's been bragging ever since! Do you think you have the best? This fundraiser is all in fun and will support our programing at Studio 84, a nonprofit art studio that supports people with disabilities.

2020's event is going online and curbside and switching to CUPCAKES! To practice physical distancing and gatherings of crowds we felt this was a great alternative, so our process has changed. Please read them over below.

Dates: Delivery of your cupcakes Friday, October 2
Time: Delivery of cupcakes from 10 am - 1 pm and 5 pm - 7 pm
Location: 121 W. Center St. Whitewater, WI 53190
Deadline for entry: September 18
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2019 Best Chocolate Cake in the County Winner Will YOU be 2020's Winner?
Watch this great video put together with our artists!
General Rules/Process
* Fill out this from and click submit

* Make payment of entry fee via link with credit card

*DEADLINE FOR ENTRY IS: SEPTEMBER 18th. Get yours in EARLY as we will only accept the first 12 entries!

*We will need 48 regular sized CUPCAKES, FROSTED AND DECORATED AND THEY must contain CHOCOLATE somewhere somehow. Remember we are advertising this as a Chocolate Affair!

*Please do not include any nuts or nut products (almond oil/flour etc) in your cupcake (most popular allergen for people)

*Cupcakes should all be decorated the same on all 48 of them.

*No mini cupcakes and no oversized cupcakes. As they will need to fit inside a typical plastic cupcake holder with a lid that we will be packaging them up in for cupcake eaters. A map of each entry in the container will let tasters know who to vote for. (think a box of chocolates with their map of what's inside).

*Deliver cupcakes to Studio 84 on: Friday, October 2 from 10am-1pm and 5pm-7pm

*Be prepared to have your photo taken with your cupcakes when you drop them off. You do not need any fancy plates or table decorations. Preferable something throw away like cardboard/aluminum tray so we don't have to try to reconnect to return anything. We will take photos to use for PR to announce the winners.

*Cupcake tasters will be able to pick up their dozen cupcakes with curbside pick up at the Studio on Saturday, October 3 from 12-2 and will vote for the best tasting and best decorated via a google form. Winners will be announced via our FB event page, our regular FB page and by phone call/email. Winners award will be mailed to winner in each category. The photos we took of you and your cupcakes are the ones we will use for PR after to announce the two winners.

*Entry fee is $20 and you must bring 48 decorated cupcakes that celebrates chocolate.
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NOTE: Your entry is not complete until fee is received. FEE: $20
FEE: $20 Click on link and pay online now. *
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