Recycled Tails Application

This application applies to fostering and adopting.

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Are you interested in fostering or adopting? *
Name of the animal you are interested in? *
Your full name: *
Your street address: *
Your city *
Your state *
Your zip code *
Length of time at current residence: *
Home telephone number:
Cell number: *
Email address: *
Names and ages of all members of your household: *
Is anyone in your house allergic to pet? *
Name and phone of your veterinarian: *
Name and phone number of two references that are not family members: *
Type of housing: *
If you rent, what is the name of phone number of your landlord?
In the event that Recycled Tails feels that it would be necessary to see where the animal will be living, would a home visit be ok with you? *
Have you owned any pets in the past 5 years? *
If so, please list 1) Type of Animal 2) Name 3) Age 4) Sex 5)Spayed/Neutered 6)Where they are now?
Are your current pets up to date with vaccines?:
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Are your current pets up to date with heartworm and flea/tick preventative?
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If you do not have any current pets do you understand the importance of both of these things?
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Where will the pet spend most of its time? *
Example: House/fenced yard/garage/tied outside/kennel/basement/crate
How many hours per day will the dog be left alone? *
Have you ever given a pet of yours away or taken one to a shelter?  If so, please tell why. *
When away on an extended trip, what have you planned for your animal’s care? *
If you must move will you take your animal with you? *
Are you willing to take responsibility for this animal for the next 10 to 20 years? (applies to adopters and not fosters) *
A pet is a serious commitment. Please take time to really think about this before proceeding.
If for any reason you become unable to take care of this animal do you agree to return him/her back to Recycled Tails? *
Please tell us why you want a pet: *
How did you find out about Recycled Tails? *
Consent *
I hereby authorize my veterinarian to release to Recycled Tails, information about my veterinary records of any and all animals I own or have owned. I certify that all the information in the application is true and correct and I understand that false information may void the application. I understand that the submission of an application is in no way a guarantee of being approved for adoption. Approved applicants will be contacted by Recycled Tails representative.
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