Summer 2021 Stylist Soul Tribe Application
Interested in joining the amazing community at Stylist Soul Tribe? Tell me more about you!
Full Name
Email Address
Home or Salon Address (where I send goodies if you're accepted!)
Briefly tell me a bit about yourself!
What are the important things/values in your life?
What is your position in the beauty industry?
How long have you been in the industry?
Why are you interested in joining a mastermind?
What qualities do you bring to a mastermind?
What stage in your business do you currently feel like you're in?
What's going great in your business right now?
What are your biggest struggles currently?
What does your IDEAL life look like?
As a member of Stylist Soul Tribe, you'll be expected to meet with your Mastermind group once a month. Which times work for you (select all that apply)
Do you agree to set aside time for our monthly calls? (meaning mark out time behind the chair to work ON your business instead of IN it, if needed?)
Clear selection
Are you willing to travel for an in person retreat within the first year of meeting your tribe?
Clear selection
Any final thoughts I should know about you as I am reviewing these applications?
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