reVISION Art Exhibition 2020
It's our 5th year of hosting reVISION and we want YOU to be a part of it! reVISION will be an exhibition of works by artists who are encouraged to explore the world of art through the eyes of the visually impaired. This show will turn the traditional gallery presentation into a tactile, auditory, olfactory and/or spatial experience. If you are interested in submitting your work, we ask that you challenge yourself to re-imagine the boundaries of your art and the way one experiences it. If your submission does not have at minimum a prominent tactile component it will not be considered for the show. Because of the overwhelming response by artists, this year's show will be juried.

The intention of reVISION goes beyond a traditional art exhibition. It is to give those with vision loss a chance to explore an art show at their own leisure and in their own way. reVISION will also challenge those who have their sight to experience the art through other sensory channels as sleep shades will be made available as well as visual impairment simulator goggles. With this show, we hope to create awareness, spark dialogue and expose your work to different groups of patrons.

We are aware that artists in the community are asked to provide work and talent numerous times during the year for many worthy causes; however, we ask that you give special consideration to participating in reVISION. We respectfully request a 50% commission of the final sale price of your work if it is to sell. The money raised from reVISION will help VIPS continue to provide early intervention to Indiana's infants and toddlers with blindness/low vision. We had a record number of pieces sell last year and hope that is the case this year, too! Remember while our agency works with young children, they are not the primary patron of the show so creating work for an older audience is suggested. After you have completed the form, please send a hi-res image of your work to

The deadline for submissions is Valentine's Day, Friday, February 14, 2020!

reVISION will be held at the Indiana Interchurch Center Art Gallery in March and April 2020. The opening night is scheduled for Friday, March 13, 2020, at the Indiana Interchurch Center Art Gallery in Indianapolis. reVISION is sponsored by Bose McKinney & Evans LLP.

Thank you! Happy creating!

Meredith Howell
Director of VIPS Indiana
Founder of reVISION
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It is extremely important that you complete all information regarding your artwork, including dimensions and retail price. Please remember that 50% of the commission will be split with VIPS to help support educational services for infants and toddlers with blindness/low vision.
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Please write about a few sentences about your work. Remember the goal of this exhibit it to make it fully accessible to a patron with blindness (and their sighted peers). Your description could include what senses you felt the work invoked as you were creating it. If you have a personal relationship with someone who is visually impaired, how did that relationship inspire your work? This narrative will be in braille and large-print so try to be descriptive, but also very brief since braille takes up quite a bit of space. We will also be displaying QR codes so if your piece is selected, we will need to do an audio recording as well. Thank you.
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Examples of previous submissions...
The Bouquet by Sarah Mercado
The Me Tree by Felecia Wellington
Gentle Spinner by Dave Thornburg
Rooted by Paula Scott-Franz
Close To My Heart by Kathy Cunningham
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