NACBS Mentoring Program - Become a Mentor!
Many thanks for your interest in the new NACBS mentorship program! Making yourself available for occasional consultations is a great way to engage with the British Studies community and help graduate students and early-career scholars make the most of their training and perspectives in a variety of professional settings.

To participate, sign up using the form below by July 31, 2019. The NACBS will contact you directly when we have matched you with an advanced graduate student or early-career scholar.

The commitment from the mentor is for the 2019-20 academic year. NACBS asks that you maintain an active membership status during this time. The pairing will automatically dissolve June 30, 2020. Mentors and mentees will complete new forms in summer 2020 should they wish to continue with the program, but at this point may be matched with a new partner.

Mentors are intended to provide advice on the academic and professional job markets, networking, publication, and other career-oriented issues. They are not intended to provide advising support for dissertation research and writing or advice or support with specifics regarding meeting the standards for application, retention, or tenure at any particular institution. Mentors are not expected to write letters of recommendation for mentees.

NACBS asks that established scholars whose departments will be advertising jobs in a British-related field in the 2019-20 academic year wait until the following year to volunteer as mentors in order to prevent any conflicts of interest.

This form is confidential. It will be not be shared with mentees and will be for the exclusive use of the NACBS Mentorship Committee.

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Where did you receive your PhD and in what discipline?
Are you currently advising PhD candidates? If yes, how many?
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What do you consider to be the areas in which you could provide professional advice and support to graduate students and/or early career-faculty? (Please tick all that apply):
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Please let us know if you would prefer mentoring a Ph.D. candidate or early-career scholar (or if you have no preference). If you are interested in or open to mentoring applicants from outside your discipline or geographic area, please also let us know.
The NACBS understands that your time is valuable, and our general expectation is that you and your mentee will be in touch once a month. If you would be open to more frequent communication with your mentee or if your availability is more limited, please note these preferences below.
Are you presently a member of NACBS? (If not, membership is required for the mentorship program)
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Is there anything else you would like the NACBS to know?
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