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Please fill out all questions in order to apply for the adoption of the kitten(s)/cat from Project LUNI.
Kittens can only be reserved after meeting the fosterers in person. For more information about adoption requirements visit:
Quick age check: you have to be over 18 to apply to adopt a kitten. If you are under 18, please ask your parents to fill this survey. *
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Are you committed to sterilise the cat latest when she/he reaches six months? *
Will be ensure that the cat gets a yearly checkup, vaccinations and sees the vet when needed? *
How often are you home? *
What would you do with the cat is you go on holidays? *
If you have to move to another country, what will you do with the cat(s)? *
I have my landlord's approval to keep cats in my place.
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I consent to Project LUNI and their partner Give Asia to send me updates on LUNI's work via email.
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