Roleplay Tenkaichi - Rank Application
The applications will allow us to know your interest in a rank. Please fill it out to the best of your ability.

Note: All ranks will be given a list of criteria that they must follow (In addition to the general rank guidelines). If you do not agree to having at least some direction as to what your rank will be required to do please do not apply.

In addition, by taking on a rank, you are agreeing to not training another rank or being trained by another rank on your character for the duration of that character's existence on the wipe that they hold a rank.

New Rank Outline:

This will be a 'vanilla' wipe, with races spawning on their default locations. Aliens, Demigods, Oni and Makyo get the choice between Arconia, Namek and Ice.
Please list all BYOND keys you frequently use. *
What is your Discord ID? (Example: RyuShinto#8446) *
How many wipes experience do you have on RT? (Approximately, and specific to RT please, exclude other finale-clones) *
What planet are you planning on starting on? *
Do you agree to any and all restrictions that may be put on your rank? *
Describe your typical play-time schedule in a given week. How many hours online a day (minimum/maximum), which days unavailable, etc. Please include any planned time away in the next two months such as a vacation or exam/etc. *
What experience do you have that would make you better qualified for this rank? *
(Held previous ranks, been a supervisor at work, hosted D&D games, etc. Please explain how the experience relates to the game.)
Are you willing to revise your plans and goals according to feedback and the direction of the story? *
Have you Read the Rank Expectations in important links on the Discord? *
Have you been banned in game or on the discord before? If so, why and what are you doing/have done to change that behavior? (Not disqualifying if yes) *
If you were a rank last wipe, please describe how long you held that rank and what you did. (If you weren't a rank, leave blank)
What rank do you wish to apply for? *
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