Roleplay Tenkaichi - Rank Application
The applications will allow us to know your interest in a rank. Please fill it out to the best of your ability.
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Please list all BYOND keys you frequently use. *
What is your Discord ID? (Example: RyuShinto#8446) *
How many wipes experience do you have on RT? (Approximately, and specific to RT please, exclude other finale-clones) *
What planet are you planning on starting on? *
Do you agree to any and all restrictions that may be put on your rank? *
Describe your typical play-time schedule in a given week. How many hours online a day (minimum/maximum), which days unavailable, etc.  Please include any planned time away in the next two months such as a vacation or exam/etc. *
What experience do you have that would make you better qualified for this rank? *
(Held previous ranks, been a supervisor at work, hosted D&D games, etc.  Please explain how the experience relates to the game.)
Are you willing to revise your plans and goals according to feedback and the direction of the story? *
Have you Read the Rank Expectations in important links on the Discord? *
Have you been banned in game or on the discord before? If so, why and what are you doing/have done to change that behavior? (Not disqualifying if yes) *
If you were a rank last wipe, please describe how long you held that rank and what you did. (If you weren't a rank, leave blank)
What rank do you wish to apply for? *
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