Title I Survey 2019
Dear Parents: This year Hudson Middle School has utilized Title I funding to involve parents in their child's education. As we end this year's program, we need your input to help us make plans for next year. Please complete this survey and return it to your child's teacher.
Did you attend the HMS open house in August before the beginning of school?
Did you attend the Grade Level Orientation meeting in September?
Do you feel that you have a good understanding of the Title I/ESEA Program and how it is used to support the curriculum of our school?
Do you believe this program of academic support and parent involvement is meeting the needs of your child?
Parent workshops called "Get Connected" were held at your child's school this year during the distributing of report cards in the fall and spring. Did you attend a workshop?
Were the "Get Connected" workshops held at a convenient time and place?
If you did not attend the "Get Connected" workshops, were there specific reasons why you did not attend?
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We have had several parents express an interest in workshops which would focus on parenting skills. If these workshops were held during the school year, would you attend?
Were you invited to help develop the School Improvement Plan or one of its parts such as the Parent Involvement Plan or Safety Plan?
Were you given clear information about your child's performance on end of grade tests?
Were you given a report on the performance of your child's school which is called the School Report Card?
Please indicate below all the parent involvement events you have participated in this school year.
Share below one thing you like most about Hudson Middle School
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Share below one thing you would change about Hudson Middle School.
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