Propose a WGS Event or Request WGS Co-Sponsorship
See the "WGS Programming & Event Assessment Criteria & Process" document, posted on our website, for more info. We try to respond to all requests within two weeks during the regular semester, though we sometimes let you know that we need more time to make a decision. If you have questions about this form, please e-mail Thank you for reaching out to WGS!!!
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It takes us more time to make decisions about requests that include several of the items below. These requests are more likely to be approved when they meet many of the criteria listed above.
What level of financial support are you requesting?
Faculty proposed-events are eligible for up to $500, student-proposed events are eligible for up to $200
Some of the money requested will be for food or other expenses that must be paid for with non-state funds
Food can only be paid for from non-state funds. Most of our annual budget is from state funds, so while we can sometimes contribute towards food or other non-state fund expenses these kinds of expenses are a bit more complicated.
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