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A future “Good Anthropocene” would probably be radically different from the world in which we are currently living. Achieving a better rather than worse Anthropocene, will require and result in fundamental changes in values, world-views, relationships among people, and between people and nature that go beyond the incremental improvements in environmental efficiency or management that are the focus of much of today’s sustainability efforts.

We believe that potential elements of a Good Anthropocene currently exist on the planet, and we are calling these projects, initiatives and ideas ‘seeds’.  'Seeds' are initiatives that exist, at least in prototype form, but are not currently dominant in our world. They can be social, technological, economic, social-ecological, ways of thinking or doing, case studies, or any initiative that you think could contribute to creating a Good Anthropocene.

We need your help in building a diverse collection that captures a diverse set of activities, values, and world-views. Please submit your suggestions for seeds below.  

The questionnaire will take about 5-15 minutes to complete, and will prompt you for the information that is required about your seed.  If you know your seed very well, the form will be simple and quick to fill in, but otherwise might require some quick internet research. The seed will then be added to our database.  Some seeds will be highlighted on our blog, while other seeds will be analysed by our project and may be published in a publicly available database.  The seeds will be reviewed and edited prior to publication.  We may contact you for further information or clarification during this process, but your name or email will not be published or visible anywhere.

This project is funded by: Future Earth & the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University.

For further project information see: and
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What is the name of your seed? *
What is the name of the project or initiative you are proposing as a seed
What is your name? *
What is your contact email? *
We need this to contact you if needed to refine your seed description.  We won't share
If you are submitting a seed as part of a workshop/conference, or at the request of a research network, please identify the workshop, conference or research network.
We are soliciting seeds from some networks of researchers and at workshops and conferences, and we'd like to track these particular responses
Are there any good popular or scientific articles on this seed?
Please provide a link or a reference to an article that describes the seed
If available please add a link to a website explaining the seed
What is your connection to the seed? *
Briefly describe your seed, focussing on its objectives and actions *
Please provide 4-5 sentences.
What types of challenges does your seed address in terms of global sustainable development? *
Please write a sentence or two explaining the above. (1-3 challenges only, e.g. challenges related to climate change, global social injustices, biodiversity loss, migration, water, food, etc.)
Does your seed primarily address sustainable development challenges from a social, environmental or integrated approach? *
What do you think are the most positive or innovative aspects of this seed? *
Explain why, out of all the possible innovations in the world, you believe this initiative is particularly interesting.
What types of key actors are involved in this seed?
Identify the main actors that are central to your seed
More specifically, who are the key actors involved in this seed? *
E.g. religious groups, schools, local businesses, multi-national corporations, UN, etc. Please list all that are relevant.
What is the current development of the seed? *
We want to know how well established a seed is.  Is it just getting started or is it thriving.
How many people do you estimate are involved in your suggested seed? *
If your suggested seed is active in a particular location please provide the name.
For example,  London, Ontario, Canada or Gurgaon, Haryana, India.
If your suggested seed is active in a particular location please give the lat & long of that place?
Use to find the lat long of a place (e.g 12.3456, -01.5012)
Through what pathways could this seed produce impact? *
E.g. how will a seed grow or spread to impact multiple people and places
Based on the above, can you identify the aspects of the seed that could be globally relevant? *
E.g. It's a model that can be replicated elsewhere, it is an internet technology with scope for accessing more people, its use of traditional knowledge has underlying principles that could be relevant elsewhere in the world. (It could be the whole seed or just an aspect of it).
What factors might enhance the impact of this seed? *
Briefly identify social, economic of environmental factors that could enable or promote impact of this seed.  E.g. Carbon taxes might  promote the spread of low carbon technologies.
What factors might limit the impact of this seed? *
Briefly identify social, economic of environmental factors that could restrict or impede the impact of this seed.  E.g. Government regulations restrict types of organization allowed.
Anything else?
Do you have any other comments on this seed that you would like to share.
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