CTK Member Survey
Re-Opening Survey Part 1- Tell Us What You Think
1. You are welcome to either submit one response for an entire family group or couple OR have each person fill out their own survey. If you are responding as a couple or family group, please list all names of family members whose ideas are represented. Your responses to this survey are confidential and will not be shared with your name attached. Thank you. Please provide your name/s:
2. Would you welcome a check-in call from a ministry team member or the pastor?
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3. If you answered yes, would you prefer to be contacted during the day or in the evening?
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4. If you’d like a check-in call, please provide a phone number where you can be reached:
5. What online content have you accessed from CTK during the COVID-19 pandemic?
6. If you have not interacted with our online content, why not?
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Survey Part II - Returning to In-Person Worship and Other Activitives
1. As our local government eases restrictions on public gatherings, how do you think you will feel about returning to a worship service at church, with the precautions listed in the Connections in place? Select one:
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2. When our church begins gathering in person again, which ONE of the following would you most prefer?
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3. In addition to our local government easing restrictions on public gatherings, are there other things you would want to see before you return to attend a worship service at church? Select all that apply:
4. Would you be willing to attend a worship service at a different time than you typically attend to allow people to be more spread out in the sanctuary?
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5. Would you be willing to attend a worship service in an overflow room (GReat Hall) to ensure people (in the sanctuary and overflow rooms) are spread out?
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6. Weather permitting, would you be comfortable attending "Bring-Your-Own-Chair" outdoor worship services, if safe social distancing was observed?
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7. Would you be willing to attend your small group ( Monday Mavens, Book Club, etc.) or committee meetings?
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8. Do you have children age 18 or younger who typically attend church with you?
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9. If you bring children when you attend worship services again, would you allow them to attend their class where it typically meets?
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10. What precautions do you expect the church to take in children’s classes when they resume? Select all that apply:
Survey Part III – General Opinion Questions
Feel free to type in your responses. Your input is highly valued
1) In this period of transition and uncertain pandemic futures, what worship needs do you feel need additional attention?
2) What additional ways of safely fostering fellowship would you suggest?
3) Which virtual gatherings would you take part in if offered? For example, zoom sing-alongs or devotional meditations, etc.
4) Are there any critical aspects of the pandemic situation that need to be "resolved" before you would feel comfortable in "face to face", safe, distanced "in person" worship that we have not mentioned?
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are an important part of the CTK community. We care about your health and safety AND about your opinions.
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