Maywood CAARP Survey 

The City of Maywood is working hard to create a healthy, safe, and environmentally responsible community for our residents. As part of this effort, the City is developing our first Climate Action, Adaptation, and Resilience Plan (CAARP). The CAARP will help understand how our community experiences climate impacts and what we can do to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. GHGs are gases that trap heat and warm the planet. Even a little extra warming causes problems for humans, plants, and animals and makes our community more vulnerable to heat waves, drought, wildfires, and other disasters.

Just as all cities in California are different, the ways we reduce our GHG emissions will also be different. While the City has environmental challenges due to our location next to the freeway and industry, there are a lot of opportunities, in part because of the people who live here. Your values, efforts and choices will help guide the CAARP and allow the City to develop meaningful and effective strategies to reduce GHG emissions in our community.

Please take 5 minutes to give us your opinion on how we can tackle greenhouse gases in our community. 

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