Islamophobia Awareness Month
Assalamu alaikum, hope you're in the best of health and imaan insha'Allah.

For our Islamophobia Awareness Month Campaign this year it's a joint collaboration between UoM and MMU's ISocs and we'll be focussing on 4 different themes relating to Islamophobia: on an institutional level, in the media, on a global level and finally the positive contributions that Muslims have made.

But we want to hear your thoughts and experiences, please do fill in the survey below and any questions or concerns please send an email to

BarakAllah feekum :)
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What does the Muslim identity mean to you?
How would you describe Islamophobia?
Have you or someone you know ever experienced Islamophobia outside of a university setting?
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How do you find it being a Muslim student on campus?
Have you or someone you know experienced Islamophobia in a university setting?
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What are your thoughts on the portrayal of Muslims in the media? (in terms of journalism and also social media) Can you name any examples of positive and negative depictions of Muslims in the media?
What do you think about how Muslims are portrayed globally? Do you know of any examples of global islamophobia?
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