BMEC 2018 Registration Form

BMEC 2018 is here!!! The annual Biomedical Engineering Competition will be taking place on March 2-4th.

Location: University of Toronto St. George Campus
Start Time: 6:00 pm, March 2nd

The Biomedical Engineering Competition (BMEC) is an annual event organized by CUBE. Each year we present students with a problem relevant to different fields of biomedical engineering and prompt teams to devise innovative solutions to target the problem. Students are encouraged to employ critical thinking and utilize the engineering design process while coming up with potential solutions. Some of our past projects include designing an automated pipette!

BMEC invites judges from various backgrounds and provides a platform for future biomedical engineers to share their ideas. Winning teams will receive a cash prize and recognition for their project. We look forward to seeing you engineer at BMEC 2018!

-Please indicate how many team members you have and complete the remainder of the form.
-Teams will contain 3-4 members.
-You may sign up alone, or teams of 2, 3 or 4.
-Team entries with 1 or 2 participants will be combined to form teams of 3 or 4.

Since sign up has closed, any entry from now on will put you on the WAITLIST for BMEC. We will notify you as to whether you will be able to participate in BMEC 2018 or not.

Each team entry has deposit entry of $20. This will be returned upon your teams participation in the competition, and only has to be paid once we confirm your involvement in the competition.

This deposit must be paid by cash on the start date of the competition, Friday, March 2nd.

Number of Team Members *
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