Senior Superlatives 2018-2019
Please vote for one student in each dropdown menu below a question. YOU CAN SKIP CATEGORIES IF YOU WANT AND ONLY VOTE FOR THE SUPERLATIVES YOU SELECT. Winners can be selected for ONLY one category and they also have the choice of taking the superlative or passing it on to the student with the next highest vote count. You may only vote once for each category, but you may change your vote after submission and you can vote for some categories in one session and some in later sessions. THE LAST DATE TO SUBMIT YOUR VOTE IS MARCH 14TH, 2019!!!!
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Female - Best Smile
Male - Best Smile
Female - Life of the Party
Male - Life of the Party
Female - Best Laugh
Male - Best Laugh
Female - Most Politically Involved
Male - Most Politically Involved
Female - Most Infected with Senioritis
Male - Most Infected with Senioritis
Female - Most Likely to Appear in a Meme
Male - Most Likely to Appear in a Meme
Female - Best Personality
Male - Best Personality
Female - Most School Spirit
Male - Most School Spirit
Female - Most Likely to Become President
Male - Most Likely to Become President