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Couples Life Sharing Talk Show
When we communicate with another person, we desire to be heard and understood. But sometimes, we may say one thing but it is heard as something else and this leads to misunderstandings and frustration. If we can sincerely make the effort to understand the other party's point of view, we can also make the effort to express our views effectively. Effective communication is about more than just exchanging information. It’s about being an engaged listener, understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information as well as paying attention to nonverbal communication signals such as body language. Want to improve your communication skills? Come and join us in this intriguing Talk Show featuring our panel of speakers, Dr Eddie & Pastor Mei, and Dr Alex & Sister Chia Ying. Their insights will definitely inspire us to refine our communication skills.
Panel of Speaker: Dr Eddie Soon & Pastor Mei
Dr. Eddie Soon is a lecturer in Mental Health Psychology and is attached to the Department of Psychiatry at Quest International University Perak. He has been teaching medical students for more than 12 years. Pr. Mei was an Associate Pastor at Excel Point Community Church for 9 years (2005 -2014). Her area of ministries were mainly Family, Children, Prayer Intercession and Counseling. Dr. Eddie & Pr. Mei left for Ipoh in 2014 where Dr. Eddie took up the position of lecturer at Quest International University. They both served at Dream Center Ipoh, a church plant of DUMC, for three years in preaching, teaching, training and counseling. At present they are staying in Taiping and attending FGA Taiping, also involved in the area of preaching, teaching, training and counseling for various churches in Ipoh, Taiping and Penang. They have been married for 38 years, and have one daughter, Eileen.
Panel of Speaker: Professor Dr Alexander Chong & Sister Chia Ying
Professor Dr. Alexander Chong & Sister Chia Ying both met in Universiti Sains Malaysia back in 1990. Dr Alex joined USM as lecturer in 2001 and at present is a professor at the School of Biological Sciences and director of the Centre for Chemical Biology. He was formerly a Fulbright scholar and Australian Endeavor Research Fellowship alumni. Dr Alex is from Kota Kinabalu and also the EPCC Bahasa Congregation Pastor with the awesome support of his wife, Chia Ying. Chia Ying is from Johor and graduated from USM (Bachelor of Management). She is currently working at Sanmina. Her previous work experience include Sony, Motorola and Kings Academy. Dr Alex and Chia Ying have been married for 23 years, and have three daughters, Jasmine, Jamie and Janelle.
Date : 29 JUNE 2019, SATURDAY
Time: 9.30am-12.00pm
Venue: Audi 3, Excel Point Community Church
Level 10, Hexagon Tech Park, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 Georgetown
Fees : RM10/pax
Public Bank Bhd [Account number: 3161042734]
Excel Point Community Church
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