Holly Oak Family Survey 2020
With school starting August 19th and knowing we will start with Distance Learning, we need to survey parents to know if you are attending and also to know if you are in need of support with technology. Please complete this survey to help us with preparing. Details of the schedule and the formal plan for Distance Learning will be shared with you the week of August 10th. Please complete this survey by Sunday, August 9th.
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Knowing that our school year is starting with Distance Learning, will your children be attending/returning to Holly Oak?
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Please name each of your students attending Holly Oak and their grade level for the 2020-2021 school year. Please state the first and last name of each child.
Did you receive a device (Chromebook or iPad) in the Spring?
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If you answered no, will you need a device to start the school year?
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If you answered "yes," is your device(s) still functioning properly?
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Each individual student in a family will need a device (not a cell phone) for distance learning. Do you need one or more additional devices so each of your school age children has an individual device to participate in Distance Learning?
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Does your home have internet capability for the use of a device(s) for distance learning?
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Please let us know of any additional information you were not able to explain in the above questions.
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