Burnden Road Runners Virtual Championship 2021 - June sMILE
Well done on completing your Virtual Championship challenge, follow the instructions below to submit your time.
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Note: If you are a new BRR member your name may not appear in the list above just yet! Enter your first name and surname here, and we will add you for the next time!
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Did you walk or run your sMILE? Remember, there are BADGES up for grabs for everyone - Finisher, 100 Club, Flying Feet, Elevation Eagle, Pleasure Cruiser.
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How long did your sMILE take?
Your sMILE Distance in kilometres (e.g. 1.6) *
1 mile = 1.6 km. No need to worry if it's a little under/over - just enter your distance closest to a mile!
Elevation Gain in metres (e.g. 80)
OPTIONAL. But if you are going for the Elevation Eagle Badge enter in metres.
Copy/paste run link
OPTIONAL. Copy and paste your run link from your run App (e.g. Strava, Garmin, etc.). And remember to make it public!
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