RHIS Request for Schedule Change(s)
We understand that students and parents have various reasons for requesting a change in a student schedule. Each individual request for a schedule change is reviewed by our administrative team in the order it is received. Unfortunately, due to our impacted enrollment and a reduction in elective courses options, we are unable to honor any additional schedule changes at this time. If you submitted a request for a schedule change that we were not able to honor for this semester, your request will remain on a “waiting list” in the order it was submitted. At the end of the semester, we will review each request to see if it can be honored for second semester.

Virtual Schedules
Students/parents selecting the Virtual learning platform will continue in this learning platform for the remainder of the semester. Requests to move from the Virtual platform to the Traditional/Remote platform will follow the schedule change request process explained above. At the end of the semester, requests will be reviewed in the order received and honored based on spaces available in Traditional/Remote courses. Students or parents having difficulty please reach out to our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Sanchez at mmsanchez@cnusd.k12.ca.us for assistance or troubleshooting.

Remote/Traditional Student Schedules
No additional schedule changes will be honored for first semester. Please keep in mind that class sizing, staffing, and schedule limitations may hinder the ability to grant any schedule change requests for the remainder of the school year. Students or parents having difficulty please reach out to our Dean of Students, Mr. Williams at barrywilliams@cnusd.k12.ca.us for assistance or troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions
1) Can I select my preferred teacher(s)?
Schedule changes are not made simply to change a teacher. Although students may have a different learning
style than the way their teacher teaches, a large part of life’s survival skills is learning how to adapt and work
with various personalities and teaching styles. Many students often find that the teacher they were not so
fond of early in the semester becomes one of their favorites by the end of it.

2) How do I make a schedule change request?
Students and parents are able to submit their request online using the RHIS Request for Schedule Change(s)
form located on the River Heights home page. A schedule change is carefully reviewed and will take time.

3) What are some approved reasons for a schedule change?
As always we strive to service our students the best we can; therefore, we have developed some policies and
procedures with regards to schedule changes. Schedule changes will be made according to space available
in classes. Classes are heavily impacted and there are not many seats left to move students around. Be
advised: making a schedule change for one class may result in changing the student’s entire schedule.
Below are approved reasons for requesting a schedule change:
• Student does not have a full schedule of 7 classes (Remote Learning/Traditional).
• Student does not have a full schedule of 6 classes (Virtual Track).
• Student did not receive a course for which they were approved or recommended

4) What are some common reasons why my schedule change request may not be approved?
We simply cannot make custom schedules for everyone; therefore, schedule changes for the following
reasons cannot be honored:
• Teacher preference
• Lunch time preference
• Period preference
• Personal preference
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