Tribesquare SIP is an opportunity for students looking at applying their theoretical knowledge in building real stuff while learning. It is open to students with some good knowledge of software development, willing to apply it for the sake of experience and building a professional portfolio.

At Tribesquare, we are committed to helping you develop your skills and building your work portfolio while schooling, after which we will help place you at a top tech company.

Type: Virtual Internship

Slot: 20 slots

1. You are a student in your sophomore and junior years (not first or final years).
2. You are a beginner or intermediate software talent with something to show for it.
3. Currently open to only students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK).

1. Motivated by work (Don't apply if money is your motivation.)
2. Knowing one or more of the technologies needed is an added advantage.
3. Interested in combining schooling and work.
4. Individuals with strong interest in student leadership and a drive for professional development
5. Willingness to work through your school days, until you drop your pen!

1. Learn on the job.
2. Apply theoretical knowledge and build professional portfolio while schooling.
3. Access more advanced trainings at free or discounts rate.
4. Earn stipends while working.
5. Get recruited after final year.

Sounds interesting?

Become a Johnny Worker. Work. Learn. Build.
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