Family Survey for Fall 2020
This survey is intended to be completed by all families with students enrolled for the 2020-2021 school year. Please complete the survey no later than 12 noon on Wednesday, July 29th. Thank you for your input and help as we plan for our building to reopen in September. God Bless.

We encourage you, prior to completing this survey, to read the document produced by the NYS Department of Health Entitled "INTERIM GUIDANCE FOR IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION AT PRE-K TO GRADE 12 SCHOOLS DURING THE COVID-19 PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY" which was emailed to all families and can be found at

As you answer the questions below, please based your answers on the information contained in the guidance found in the NYS Department of Health document, and assuming that our school reopening plan will at least meet the minimum requirements outlined in this document.
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Parent Name (s) *
Student Name(s) *
Parent Email Address *
My children are entering grades (in fall 2020) *
Based on the guidance, how comfortable are you with your students returning to the school building in the fall? *
Not at all comfortable
Very comfortable
If you had to decide today, how would you prefer your child to begin the school year in the fall? (We plan to offer full-time in-person instruction as Option A as long as the building is allowed to remain open) *
Are you planning to have your child attend our aftercare program? *
Do you have capable wifi and/or internet to participate in remote learning, if necessary? *
Do you have enough devices to dedicate one to each potential student learning from home and parent working from home? *
If you answered NO to the above question on devices, how many additional devices would you need?
Clear selection
If the school building were to be closed again by the Governor, we would offer in-building childcare for the students of essential workers as defined by the State. Students would be able to participate in remote learning while in building. If you qualify as an essential worker, would you need childcare if the building closed? *
Would you be able to provide your student with his or her own mask each day? (The school can ask families to provide their students with masks, but must provide one to any student who does not have one at no cost to the student or family) NOTE: Students will not have to wear masks all day. The guidance covers when they are to be worn and when they do not have to be worn. *
We are unsure if we will be able to offer a paid lunch program for you to participate in. Would you be able to provide your child with his or her own lunch each day? *
Are you planning to have your child (Grades K-8 only) take a public school bus to and from school? *
If you answered YES or UNSURE to the above question, what school district do you reside in?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We value your input and feedback. Please hit "Submit" below. Have a great day!
"Holy Spirit Make Us One in Love, Peace and Joy!"
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