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Are you interested in leading a group or community?
What ideas do you have for a new group or community?
What gifts and passions do you have that can be shared?

If you have an idea for a group or community and would be interested in leading one, please complete the form below which will then be forwarded to the Groups and Communities leadership team for review. You will then be contacted by someone from the G & C leadership team and from there either:
a. Assigned a coach to take the process forwards
b. Deferred until a later period
c. Engage in more discussion and offered further advice for next steps.
Note: Completing this form does not guarantee you will lead a G or C. It might be that you would benefit from further coaching or that it is more appropriate to start the group at a later period.

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How many weeks would this group run for? (if short term - up to 12 weeks) *
What would the content of the group/community gatherings be? (i.e what course material are you using, how would a typical meeting look like) *
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What is the maximum and minimum number for viability? (Consider venue space, course content, ability to interact etc.) *
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