WOB Photobook Studio Photo-zine Survey
After a year of self-published my debut dual zine “Home Town”, now I decided to work on another one, and this time is called “day by day, night by night”. It records the days and nights of the daily lives of the Japan cities Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Nagoya, and Takayama.

This project is still at the design stage, but I would like to take this opportunities to show you the covers of this dummy (not the actual printing product).

Dual Photo-zine "Day by day, Night by night" in progress ...
Do you think photo-zine is collectible?
Do you think 40 pages A5 size photo-zine is enough to deliver a story?
In your opinion, which is more important? The quality of the photo-zine (in terms of book design, paper selection, and printing) Or the Content (the story, the message to convey and the emotion to express)?
For the content preview of the photo-zine, what do you prefer?
Are you willing to pre-order for a zine?
Do you willing to consider for pre-order if it is bundled with a special gift?
Do you produce your own photo-zine or photo book to publish?
Suggestions for improvement (optional)
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Thank you for taking my photo-zine survey.
Feel free to check out http://photobook.byexamples.com/ for more photo-zine and photo-book.
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