North Main Renter's Survey
This survey is designed to gauge what the ReHHUP Committee can do to support renters and give them the opportunity to participate in community building in the North Main area outlined below. Your individual responses will not be shared with anyone outside the ReHHUP Committee. Instead, they will help us create data that describes the desires renters have for the North Main area and the role that renters play in that community. Thank you for the help!
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The North Main Project Area
Address *
Phone or Email (whichever you prefer)?
How long have you lived at your rental unit?
Are there investments you've made to your rental unit that you're proud of (such as gardening, decorations, lawn parties)?
Do any of these apply to your rental unit?
How would you describe your relationship with your neighbors? (Do you know them? Do you ever assist each other? Do you feel welcome? Do you feel judged? Other?)
Would you be interested in attending or watching a neighborhood meeting about how to address issues like you discussed above? (Note: These meetings will start in the Summer of 2021).
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Is there something you would like to see change about your neighborhood? (Such as a sidewalk fixed in a particular location, a better relationship with your neighbors, or other changes?)
(Optional) Have you faced any financial troubles or other hardships in the past year? Have you asked your landlord to help you get through them, and did your landlord agree?
General Feedback: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about the neighborhood, your rental unit, or what would make you feel more engaged in the community?
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