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"Visualizing Research: Using Photography and Video for Proposal Development and Communicating Science"
Led by:

Nancy Green
Award-winning, long-format documentary film maker & Adjunct Professor in the Film and Media Department


Jaclyn Wright
Assistant Professor in Photography and Digital Imaging in the Art Department

Wednesday, January 16, 2018
3:00 - 4:30 pm
Gardner Commons Room 4150
Refreshments provided

To foster new collaboration and research teams across campus, the Office of the Vice President for Research hosts interdisciplinary Research Roundtables that center around a topic that is of interest to a broad range of disciplines.

Research Roundtables are supported by the Research Development Office and the Office of Foundation Relations and hosted by NEXUS. These events are meant to:

1. Catalyze faculty exploration of interdisciplinary research topics;
2. Discuss strategies to advance research ideas; and
3. Explore potential federal and non-federal funders for interdisciplinary research.

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