2019-2020 Ministry & Committee Report
The DEADLINE for this annual report is SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2019 (or sooner).

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Ministry Mission Statement & Focus Scripture *
Who is the Leadership Leader (Liaison) for your ministry or committee? *
How often did you meet with your Leadership Leader (Liaison) during this year to discuss your ministry or committee? *
If you met with your Leadership Leader (Liaison) this year, did you find these meetings to be beneficial *
Did not meet specifically. Discussed concerns when when they arose.
If you met with your Leadership Leader (Liaison) this year, what were the specific outcomes of your meetings?
If you have NOT met with your Leadership Leader (Liaison) this year, why not?
What other SHCC Ministries or Committees did you partner with this year to help make an event or activity successful? What role did your team play in the partnership?
If your ministry or committee did not partner with another ministry or committee this year, why not? *
Briefly tell us about the top one to three ACCOMPLISHMENTS your ministry of committee made this year. Be sure to share how these accomplishments helped fulfill the goals of your ministry or committee. *
Briefly tell us about the SHORTCOMINGS of your ministry or committee in 2019. In other words, what hindered your team from being excellent in fulfilling your mission as well as the overall mission of the Sheldon Heights Church of Christ. *
What do you and your ministry or committee team plan to do differently to overcome the shortcomings you experienced in 2019? *
List and briefly describe how your ministry or committee used funds in 2019. Be specific please. *
Looking to 2020 what are your top THREE GOALS & PLANS for the future. Be specific. *
What are your ministry or committee's anticipated BUDGET NEEDS for 2020? *
How often will your ministry or committee meet as a team in 2020? *
If you want to have a set meeting day & time added to the church calendar, please indicate when & where you plan to meet. Remember ALL meeting dates and times that will be hosted at the church building or annex must be approved and added to the SHCC Calendar.
What is your CALENDAR OF EVENTS planned for 2020? If you will need access to (or use of the SHCC Kitchen during any of your events, please note that also. Please remember, if you want an event added to the calendar, you will need to submit a SPECIFIC DATE and TIME. Events without dates listed cannot be added to the calendar. Please note that if a date and time you selected cannot be added to the SHCC Calendar, you will be notified to be given the option of selecting an alternate date. *
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