Defend the INF Treaty
To whom it may concern,

The International Peace Bureau (IPB) is contacting you to ask for your support and contribution to defend the INF Treaty.

IPB and its partners want to publish the enclosed appeal in the Guardian on the 8th of December in order to join together and raise public awareness and convince our politicians to save the INF Treaty.

Therefore we are collecting signatures from individuals and organisations that are willing to help us cover the costs of publishing this appeal.

Individuals are encouraged to pay 20€/$/CHF or more and Organisations are encouraged to pay 50€/$/CHF or more. Payment details are enclosed below.

A french, spanish and german translation of the appeal can be found via this link

Reiner Braun
Co-President of IPB

The Appeal
Call to Defend the INF treaty

President Trump’s threatened U.S. withdrawal from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty marks a dangerous escalation on the path to a 21st century U.S.-Russian Cold War.

The INF Treaty, for which millions of people around the world had fought, was negotiated in 1987 and marked the end of the Cold War. It provides for elimination and permanent renunciation of future deployments of all US and Russian nuclear and conventional ground-launched cruise and ballistic missiles, reducing the danger of Europe becoming the primary theater for nuclear war.

Abandoning the Treaty, combined with the possible expiration of the New START Treaty, will eliminate all nuclear arms agreements between the countries that posses 90% of the current nuclear arsenal, opening the way for an unrestrained and dangerous nuclear arms race.

Mr. Trump’s threat to abandon the Treaty is an expression of his commitment to U.S. world dominance, including weakening and containing China. It builds on the recent history of NATO expansion and plans to deploy “more usable” nuclear weapons to Europe, the withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, and the commitment to develop and deploy a new generation of U.S. nuclear weapons, their delivery systems and missile defenses.

President Putin has responded by reiterating Russia’s commitment to maintain the Mutual Assured Destruction balance of forces with the U.S. Nuclear-capable missiles have been deployed to Kaliningrad in the heart of Europe, and he has threatened to match U.S. missile deployments in Europe.

We urgently appeal for negotiations to preserve and reinforce the INF Treaty, for the adoption of and adherence to no first use doctrines, for credible commitments to fulfill the nuclear powers’ Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty disarmament obligations, and for nuclear arsenal reductions with savings redirected to address essential human needs.

We call all countries to ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons adopted by 122 countries in 2017, that is offering a solid international framework toward nuclear weapons elimination.

We call on all people and nations around the world to use all political and diplomatic means to defend the INF treaty and to work for a nuclear-free world.

For Human Survival!

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