Student DJ's of Surrey Students' Union - DJ DETAILS
PAGE 1/2: Are you an aspiring, upcoming or established DJ based at the University of Surrey- looking for more gigs to get a bit of cash or experience? By filling out this form below, you are successfully submitting your details to the Community Zone for this academic year, so that we can give clubs and societies a list of DJ's that they can hire for nights out in Rubix, Basement or alternative gigs!

Any experience received from this initiative makes you more employable (#EmployableMe), whilst also helping clubs and societies find the perfect DJ for their nights!

We can't guarantee you gigs and sets, but we are here to help put your name out there as we will put the key information onto a brand new page on our Surrey Website! We here at the Students' Union want to help make you more employable, and we thought this little idea could massively help DJ's and people hosting events! The Basement and Rubix both have their own CDJ2000 to perform on so no hardware will be required besides your USB/laptop, unless you choose to bring your own hardware.

If you have any questions, queries, or would like your details changed/removed- please contact your Community Assistant at!

**You are responsible for the quality of your gig's and for working with third parties to create events. If you complete this form, you are confirming that you are comfortable and competent at DJ'ing and the Students' Union holds no liability for any relationship with third parties**
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