Elizabethtown Area School District "Do The Right Thing" Program Nomination Form - 2020
Throughout the school year, the “Do The Right Thing” initiative recognizes students in the Elizabethtown Area School District who distinguish themselves by their positive behavior. A collaborative effort between the Elizabethtown Borough Police Department, the Elizabethtown Area Communities That Care, and the Elizabethtown Area School District, the Do the Right Thing Program aims to create additional opportunities for students to see school in a positive light.

Students that are recognized will receive a DO THE RIGHT THING T-Shirt, special prize package (coupons, gift certificates, etc.), article in the local newspaper, a framed certificate of recognition, and an invitation to the annual recognition event.

If you know an Elizabethtown Area School District student who is “Doing the Right Thing” please complete the form below!
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Explain why you feel this child should be recognized. Please be specific and let us know how it relates to Covey's 7 Habits, if possible. A minimum of four sentences is required. Please note that it is preferred that students not be nominated more than one time per school year. *
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