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We appreciate the opportunity to be in discussion with your company. We realize that time is one of your most valuable assets, and we are grateful that you're willing to spend some of it on us.

Your time, and ours, is best used having strategic discussions. We have sent you some preliminary questions, the answers to which will enable us to make our time with you more meaningful and productive.

Please click the arrow below to start the Grace & Porta Strategic Discovery process. The process should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. As a thank you for your time, we will be preparing a five to ten page analysis of the results, highlighting some areas for you to consider over the next 12 months. Whether our relationship continues after this meeting or not, we have found this report adds significant value to your business planning and HR/finance procedures.

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,
The Grace & Porta Team
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In what industry does your business/organization primarily operate in? *
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Employee Population Growth: What was your organization's net gain/loss in employee headcount in the PREVIOUS 12 months?
Employee Population Growth: What is the expected net gain/loss in employee headcount in the NEXT 12 months?
Do you have fluctuations in the size of the workforce of over 10% each year, based on seasonality or customer demand?
Is your organization partially or wholly owned, as part of a multi business company?
Is your organization for-profit or not-for-profit?
Which of the following employee benefits are offered by your organization?
What month do your health benefits renew?
Does your organization sponsor a wellness program?
Over the last three years, what has been the average increase your plan has received on medical insurance premiums? (Before plan design changes)
How many employees participate in your health plan?
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How many locations does your company have?
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Do you have a full-time person dedicated to HR and/or benefits administration?
Would you consider your organization very open to pursuing more innovative benefits strategies, even if a particular approach has not yet been widely adopted?
Do you feel that health and benefits programs are a distraction from more important areas of your business?
Would you consider your organization very concerned with compliance risks associated with Health Care Reform (or, the ACA/PPACA)?
How confident are you the your organization has fully assessed your risk, and has prepared a way to avoid, the ACA Cadillac Tax in 20**?
Not Prepared / Not at all Confident
Fully Prepared / Very Confident
How confident are you the your organization is accurately managing required ACA employer reporting (1094/1095 forms)?
Not Prepared / Not at all Confident
Fully Prepared / Very Confident
What is your current benefits communication strategy? Check all that apply.
What is your current method of benefits enrollment?
IS your workforce mobile - do they do telework?
Please identify services your current Broker/Consultant manages for you. Check all that apply.
Has your current Broker/Consultant provided you a certificate of HITECH HIPAA Training?
Do you have a benefits strategic plan in place?
How are benefits/strategy decision made at your company?
How do you measure the satisfaction, understanding, or engagement of your workforce and their benefits?
What is your current Human Resources Information System (HRIS)?
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How is carrier data exchanged?
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Is your current payroll system processed in house or outsourced?
Who is the vendor?
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Where do you go for HR questions and support?
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Where do you go for HR Project-based work?
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Are you currently self-funding any of your benefits?
How often do you review your claims experience/risk/projections?
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