The Epidemium Experts file
Epidemium's strength and originality are based on getting people from various backgrounds with different skills to know each other, work together and share their knowledge to the community.

You developed an expertise in your field of work and would like to let us know that Epidemium raised your interest? Or you know an expert that we should absolutely contact? Tell us here and help enrich the multidisciplinary ecosystem of the program.

Of course oncologists and data scientists are key to the program, but any field of expertise that has a link to open data, ethics, health data, research against cancer, computer science, patients' involvement, etc. can be a huge help to the community!

In Epidemium, an expert can get involved by:
- being part a project,
- helping projects from time to time, from the outside,
- answering the questions of the community on our online tools (wiki, Q&A, facebook group) and during our events,
- share their work and expertise during a Meet-Up that we will organize together.

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Mobilizing collective intelligence is a good way to accelerate research!
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