Course Choices for School Year 2020-2021
NEW high school students (HS20) choose their course choices by filling out this form.

Please tick the correct box/es for each question to help us plan your timetable next year. You may change your choices when you meet the guidance counselor in August.
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1. Which Finnish courses will you attend? To study S2, your mother tongue must be registered as a language other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami. Please check at *
2. Which mathematics program do you intend to pursue? To choose long math, you should have achieved at least a grade of 8 in math on your final report card (päättötodistus). *
3. If you began studying a foreign language (B2) in 8th grade (or even earlier), tick in the box if you plan to study the language in high school
4. If you want to start studying a new language in high school, tick in the boxes to choose one or more of the following beginning languages (B3).
5. What is your religious affiliation? If you are not a member of one of the religious listed below, or you are non-religious, please tick in the box Ethics (=elämänkatsomustieto, ET) *
6. Did you study Swedish (RU) in 9th grade? *
7. Most of your choices in HS first year are compulsory. But there are several optional and in-depth courses offered as well. You should consider taking those if the subject interests you. Please tick in the boxes of the subjects in which you would like to take more than just the compulsory courses.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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