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Salems Community Cats, PO Box 402, Salem, NY 12865
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Salem's Community Cats provides assistance with spay/neuter of feral, barn, or owned cats, primarily within the Salem, NY School District.  We occasionally help those in outlying areas on a very limited basis in cases of true need. Are you located within the Salem, NY School District? *
Are you requesting assistance with feral or barn cat spay/neuter? *
If you are requesting assistance with feral or barn cat spay/neuter, how many cats need to be sterilized? Are the cats friendly? Will they need to be trapped? *
If you are requesting assistance with cats that will need to be trapped, are you able to help with trapping? *
TNR (Trap Neuter Return) involves returning the cats to the place they were trapped. If we assist with getting your feral/barn cats sterilized, are you able to continue caring for the cats for the duration of their lives? *
If you are located outside of the Salem School District and are seeking assistance with spay/neuter of feral or barn cats, where are you located? *
Are you seeking assistance getting your tame/indoor cat(s) spayed/neutered? (Please be aware that we will require proof of need and there will be a co-pay in most instances.) *
If you're looking for help having your cat(s) spayed/neutered, are you able to transport the cat(s) to his/her clinic appointment?
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Are you seeking assistance with a pregnant cat? *
Salem's Community Cats accepts into foster care kittens born to feral/barn cats so they can be vetted and adopted into good homes. We generally require that the mother cat be made available to us for spay in order for us to take kittens for adoption. If you are seeking to surrender kittens, are you able to surrender the mother cat as well or make her available to SCC for sterilization? *
Are you looking for help with a stray cat? *
If you're looking for help with a stray cat, have you checked with neighbors to be sure the kitty doesn't belong to them? *
Salem's Community Cats is funded entirely through private donations. Spay/neuter costs SCC over $100 per cat. Are you able to make any donation? *
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Salem's Community Cats is manned by volunteers. Please be aware that there may be a waiting list for services. We gladly offer guidance and advice. Please check out our website for more information.
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