St. Margaret's Primary School Parents Teachers Association (SMPS PTA) 2021 Membership Form
At St. Margaret’s Primary School, it is our belief that parent partners are important in the development and nurturing of our children. Joining the SMPS PTA is your opportunity to partner the school and contribute towards the welfare of the children. There are many opportunities to serve as parent volunteers during the school year. Do indicate your interest in the form.

$5 one-time entrance fee for new memberships
$10 annual membership fee

The fees collected go towards programs for the students, teacher appreciation and much more. Payment details will be emailed to you after your form has been received. Your membership is complete when payment is received.

We thank you for your commitment to our school and children with your SMPS PTA membership.

This form comprises 6 sections:
1. Details of mother and interest in volunteering
2. Details of father and interest in volunteering
3. Details of guardian and interest in volunteering
4. Details of child/children enrolled in SMPS in the year 2020
5. Details of donations
6. Personal Data Protection Act

A copy of your submission will be emailed to you for your reference.
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