Dr. V (Valecia Brooks Dunbar, DM, MPA) is an author, speaker, conversationalist, and leadership confidence coach who is on a mission to develop more confident leaders, empower individuals to act on their dreams, and create life-changing opportunities to help women and all people reach their full potential.

She is often asked to speak on issues of leadership development, entrepreneurship, marketing, professional development, economic empowerment, and global gender equity.

Her signature talks include:
Self-Doubt: How do We Reverse Our Confidence Killers?
Relational Confidence: Why Your Career Relationships May be Blocking Your Success
Discover Your Confidence Zones
Women and Confidence: Take Command of Your Power Center
Lack Confidence? Why Self Esteem Programs Have Missed the Mark

We will meet with any group, panel,  or audience that seeks to improve lives, resolve civic or social challenges, or improve the world's social equity by educating and training others to take command of their lives through self belief, personal and professional development, and optimism.

Bio: https://about.me/drvbrooksdunbar
Media Kit: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/0d823c_f6372e59afbc4f79a89cd95dc05b0d11.pdf

For best results, please submit your request at least 90 days in advance.
Responses typically occur within seven days. If immediate response is needed please email drdunbar@TheCenterForConfidence.com,
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