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Your name and birth date, when boiled down to specific numbers, dictate your personality and even your journey during this lifetime. I offer a comprehensive numerology report that includes your Birth Chart and Name Chart with Intensity Numbers, Chart Vibrations, Arrows, and Weaknesses; 3 Birth Date Numbers; 5 Name Numbers; Pyramid with Pinnacles; and current Personal Year Number, along with interpretations of each.
This 20-30 page report can give you insight on how to live your best, most fulfilling life by playing to your strengths and working with - not against - your weaknesses. It can also offer you guidance on making important decisions and the impact particular years will have on your life. This report is done virtually and requires your full birthdate, full birth name, and the name you go by. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery via email as this report is fully customized to you and takes time.
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This comprehensive report is offered for only $49, but it is currently on sale for $30!!! After submitting this form, please send payment by going to
Once payment is received, your report will be started. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your report via e-mail.
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