Northwestern Student Voice: Transition & Vision
In 2019-2020, Stratford Central will undergo significant renovations which will result in the building being closed for the year. All AMDSB students in Stratford from grades 7 - 12 will go to school at Stratford Northwestern. After next year ( 2020 - 2021, and beyond), Stratford Central will be a smaller building and may only offer certain grades, programs, or courses. Please use this form to give feedback or to ask questions about what the Stratford AMDSB schools, Northwestern and Central, might be like DURING next year at Northwestern (i.e. the TRANSITION) and AFTER next year (i.e. VISION).
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What questions or comments do you have for next year (i.e. the TRANSITION year when Central is at Northwestern)? *
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What questions or comments do you have for your future school years (i.e. AFTER next year) when Stratford Central is open again? *
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What other questions or concerns do you have right now related to the renovation, vision, or the transition?
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