Event RSVP - Mass Media and Non-Monogamy

📣 Excited to announce my upcoming presentation on "Mass Media and Non-Monogamy: Connecting, Sharing, and Shaping Unique Lifestyles"! 📺❤️

Join us as we explore how TV, film, and social media influence and reflect the diverse landscape of non-monogamous relationships. We'll dive into: 🔹 Impact of mass media on perceptions and understanding 🔹 Modern portrayals of non-monogamous characters 🔹 Community building in the digital age 🔹 Future trends and cultural shifts in attitudes

Featuring insights from recent studies, influential figures, and real-life examples, this presentation aims to spark discussions, challenge preconceptions, and deepen understanding of this dynamic intersection. Whether you're curious, an advocate, or part of the community, this is for you!

🗓️ Date: Thursday, July 18 2024  ⏰ Time: 7PM Eastern Time  📍 Location: Virtual - Online via Zoom

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