Arlington Foodies Dog Show
Want to join our Arlington Foodies Dog Show?
The Dog Show will be held at Dyno-Rock May 11 3-5PM. Please be sure to read our Rules and regulations page. Once signed up, we will send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, your space is held for the dog show. Join us on facebook to follow information regarding the Farmer's Market. Click here for the facebook link (
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Dog Rules and Regulations
It is important to know the requirements for your dog's competition.
1. Dogs must remain on their leash at all times
2. Dog Owners are required to clean up after their animals should their be any...happy accidents.
3. Dyno-Rock and Arlington Foodies or any of their affilites is not responsible for any harm inflicted on an individual or their animals during this event. IF YOUR DOG IS NOT ANIMAL OR HUMAN FRIENDLY DO NOT BRING THEM!!!!!!!
4. Dog owners must bring their own water for their animal. food or drink for animals is not provided
5. Alcohol or alcohol consumption is not allowed on the Dyno-Rock Lawn, please finish your drinks at Urban Union.
6. No glass containers are allowed
7. Registration and Dogs must sign in by 2:30pm at the Staging Area.
8. Your dog's name will be called to line up.
9. The competitions will run in 15 minute increments.
10. Best in Barklington trophy will be awarded to the dog that wins the majority of the competitions within the day.
Dog Show Map and Contest Timeline
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