Brentwood Quarantine Options - August 2021
Dear Parents and Guardians,

As mentioned in our email, currently, the government has mandated a 14-day quarantine period for non-vaccinated families and students travelling from outside of Canada. We realize it is not an ideal scenario for our students to start the year but we are committed to providing the best possible experience given the circumstances. For those of you travelling as a family we strongly recommend that our students spend this quarantine in British Columbia as close to the School as possible.

Please note - Students must begin their 14-day quarantine no later than Tuesday, August 24th to ensure their arrival on campus for September 7th.

There are several options for our families to achieve the quarantine criteria and we ask that you please choose ONE of the options listed below so we can prepare for your arrival in the fall.
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Option 1 - Family Travel And Quarantine
This option is for families who will be accompanying their student(s) for their arrival in BC, quarantine and subsequent travel to the School. This means families will be responsible for organizing their own accommodations for the 14-day quarantine period and travel to the School.
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Option 2 - Quarantine with Family or Friends
This option is for families who are able to arrange accommodation with extended family or perhaps Brentwood friends for students travelling on their own.
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Option 3 - Brentwood Quarantine Program
This option is for our families knowing that not all of you will be travelling with your student(s). Brentwood has partnered with the Hilton Doubletree Hotel ion Victoria again this year to enable all our unaccompanied students travelling to Canada to meet the quarantine criteria under the supervision of the School. At this location, each of these students will be in their own room as part of the entire Brentwood quarantine group. To support our students Brentwood chaperones (male and female) will be present at all times and the School will provide limited programming on a daily basis. The care, safety, and wellness of your child(ren) are our priorities. Please know that once your child(ren) arrives to us, they will be immediately embraced by the Brentwood family and will be thoroughly guided during every step of their 14-day quarantine period.
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