Vendor Application & Agreement
If you are interested in setting up a vendor booth at one of our events, please complete the Vendor Application & Agreement form below. You will receive a confirmation pop up letting you know your application was received.  You can then send the appropriate registration fees (checks made payable to: Gaston Farm Rd Equestrian Center) to 2717 Gaston Farm Road, Chester, SC, 29706.

If you have any questions, please contact Beth Gaston at 803-374-6255.  Thank you for your interest in attending our events!
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Agreement:  This Agreement is between the Gaston Farm Rd Equestrian Center (herein called “GFREC”) and the vendor listed on this Application and Agreement (herein called "Vendor").  The GFREC and Vendor are mutually entering into a short term Agreement to: display, promote and sell their product at the GFREC event(s).  The dates for our events are as follows: the monthly Open Horse Shows are the 1st Saturday of April, May & October,(10am-7pm). *
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Booth Fee:  Vendor agrees to pay the Vendor Booth Fee.  GFREC does not charge a commission on sales, unless otherwise agreed to for entertainment.  The Booth Fee IS REFUNDED to the vendor ONLY in the event that the application is rejected or the GFREC event is cancelled.  If the vendor is accepted and cancels for any reason, all fees are non-refundable. *
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Notification:  This is a non-juried, space available event for vendors (craft, entertainment or food).  Vendors will need to include detailed information about the products they will be selling.  This list should be detailed.   We reserve the right to reject vendors who have unsuitable products for our event.  Returning vendors receive priority.  Vendors are accepted into GFREC events upon approval and if payment is received by the deadline.  Vendors are notified of acceptance via telephone or email.  It is imperative that you include your telephone number and email address when submitting the application.  Late applicants are accepted only in the event that space is available. *
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Booth and Electrical: GFREC events are outdoor events.  GFREC provides an assigned space only.  Vendors should provide a canopy and tables etc. for their space.  Canopies, umbrellas or pop-ups must be safely anchored to the ground.  Any vendor failing to sufficiently anchor their canopy to the ground will not be permitted to sell their products until it is either removed or anchored.  Power is available in a limited number of booths and can be purchased at a cost of $10.00 per booth (single or double).  The power will be grounded (GFIC).  This is for 1 (one) 20 amp circuit only - the equivalent of one household plug.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Additional power needs must be discussed with GFREC.  Vendors who receive approval for electrical usage must supply their own 3 prong heavy duty extension cords in a length of at least 200' - 225'.  Inferior cords will not be allowed. Please check all cords prior to arrival to be sure they are operable. No "piggy backing" of other vendor's extension cords is allowed.  All power usage will be inspected by staff to see if it conforms to our requirements.  Personal generators are acceptable in your booth upon approval.  All Food Vendors cooking with electric, charcoal, or gas, MUST HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER on hand.  Vendors must provide airtight containers for disposal of cooking oils, grease, and waste materials.  Food vendors are responsible for removing this waste from the site.  Trash cans will be provided for other trash.  Please leave your space as you found it. The vendor agrees to maintain their booth during GFREC event hours.  Set up begins at 9:00am for all events. Upon arrival at the GFREC, please report to the registration table for your space assignments. Breakdown no earlier than 4pm or at the close of the GFREC events.  All vendors should pay in advance for their desired space. You may send your payments to Beth Gaston at 2717 Gaston Farm Rd Chester, SC 29706. *
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Sales & Security:  Vendor sales, and/or local or state taxes or Chester County Health Department permits for food booths are the sole responsibility of the vendor.  Vendor and vendor assistant must remain at the booth during GFREC events.  Any damage or theft of materials or products of the vendor or assignee; or theft or damage of any personal belongings of the vendor or vendor assignee during the hours of the GFREC event, at setup, or breakdown or any other time is the sole responsibility of the vendor and is not the responsibility of the GFREC, its owner, managers, volunteers, staff or assigns.  For liability purposes, the vendor is responsible for their own setup and break down.  All vendors shall act in a professional manner and according to community standards and norms.  For security purposes, management reserves the right to remove any individual for any reason from the GFREC. Food vendors must comply with DHEC inspection requirements (contact your local DHEC office for their requirements).  Those who are not in compliance will not be permitted to sell food products during the GFREC events.  Food vendors may contact DHEC at or call 803.385.6152 if there are any questions about the food booths. *
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Liability and Hold Harmless:  All work is done at the vendor's risk.  Vendors shall take all necessary precautions and shall be responsible for the safety of vendors, vendor employees, agents, assigns and subcontractors in the performance of the work hereunder.  Any intentional breach of this Agreement, any personal injury or damage to GFREC property or personal property or any damage or injury to the GFREC events due to unintentional, negligent or intentional acts on the part of the vendor or his assign sustained by any organization or individual including but not limited to Gaston Farm Rd Equestrian Center, the Vendor or Vendor employees, his agents and assigns, GFREC patrons, volunteers, staff, subcontractors or any other individual shall be the sole responsibility and liability of the vendor.  Vendors shall maintain general liability insurance, and are responsible for insuring products, employees, agents, assigns and subcontractors in the performance of the work hereunder, and must include GFREC as Additional Insured on their liability policy.  ANY VENDOR NOT HOLDING VALID LIABILITY INSURANCE PERFORMS ALL WORK AT THEIR SOLE RISK AND ASSUMES ALL LIABILITY.  The Vendor shall defend, save and hold harmless the Gaston Farm Rd Equestrian Center, GFREC, their respective officers, agents, staff, volunteers, sponsors and assigns from any claims, damages, losses, liability or expense (including all attorney fees) which may arise from negligent performance, unintentional or intentional breach by the Vendor of this Agreement.  The laws of the State of South Carolina shall govern the rights and liabilities of the parties.  Any lawsuit must be brought in Chester County District or Superior Court in Chester, South Carolina, and the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of reasonable attorney fees against the other party.  GFREC reserves the right to void this Agreement for any reason.  In consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, the representatives sign below: *
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