ConBravo! Panel Idea Submission Form 2017
If you have an idea for a panel at the 2017 convention, please submit the form below. You will need to fill out a new form for each panel you wish to create or join.

Please note that all panels are reviewed by the Panel Coordinator before being approved and scheduled. To be approved, you may be asked to fulfill specific requirements posed to you by the Panel Coordinator and ConBravo! determined by the type of panel you are proposing.

Your Full Legal Name *
This must be your actual name. If you have another name you use professionally or at conventions, please indicate that where asked.
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This is the name which you would like to use at the convention.
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This will only be used to reach out to you for any further details related to this idea.
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Panel Name *
Try to keep this relatively short as it will be the name that appears on the schedule and mobile app
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Panel Description *
This should be 1-2 sentences to describe the panel and will be what appears on the mobile app and website
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Panel Explanation *
This should be your case for why we should run this panel or why you are the right person to run it and further details of what it is for the Panel Coordinator
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Panel Types
There are four possible panel types.

Discussions focus on open discussion and diverse viewpoints and encourage audience participation. They are generally run by 3-4 panelists, with one acting as the moderator. They may not require a high level of expertise or authority because they are more about sharing opinions or asking questions.

Presentations focus on presenting a topic with minimal outside discussion. They usually are accompanied by visual aids (PowerPoint, video, etc), and are more likely to be approved with just one panelist who can speak with some level of authority on the topic.

Tutorials focus on instruction and education. They may have a classroom set up and visual aids are encouraged. They are more likely to be approved with just one panelist and demand a higher level of expertise or experience related to the topic.

Workshops focus on instruction with hands-on materials, ideally so participants can create a sample of what is being taught or walk away being able to apply what they have learned. They may have a classroom set-up. These will only be approved for those willing to provide or assist with sourcing supplies and may require additional volunteers to monitor and manage participation.

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Do you want to be a panelist on this panel? *
If you indicate Yes, we will reach out to you to ensure that you also fill out the Panelist Application form
Suggested Panelists
If you do not have any suggested panelists, that is fine. However, having panelists in mind does make it more likely that we will be able to approve your panel. The average panel generally requires 3-4 panelists, although exceptions will be made for Presentations, Tutorials or Workshops as appropriate.
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Email addresses of any suggested panelists (if possible)
By providing this information, you indicate that you have received permission and consent from these people for ConBravo! to reach out to them to confirm potential attendance and panel details with them. Please do not provide this information without permission.
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Technical Equipment
Indicate any and all that apply
Projector Connection (if applicable)
Additional Details
Please indicate anything else you think we need to know to run this panel.
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