Blackfish Scholarship Application
To truly fulfill our Mission Statement about making a space that is welcoming to all, we are excited to present the Blackfish Scholarship, named after our amazing mascot, the Orca. The Blackfish Scholarship will be looking to assist those who might not have the resources to attend OrcaCon without financial assistance, with priority given to marginalized folks.
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OrcaCon's Blackfish Scholarship is to provide con registration to those who might not be able to afford to attend. We give priority to marginalized folks, especially POC.
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This won't keep you from receiving assistance, but we would need to know if we need to arrange a parent or guardian registration also, or if you are bringing a child or children.
I have read the overall OrcaCon Policies, and the Anti-Harassment, Racism, and Accessibility Policies and agree to follow the guidelines within. *
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